Spectrum Industries provides decorative and functional finishes to a wide variety of parts and materials. Its two divisions, Decorative Finishes and E-Coat Division, have been operational since 1979.

About Spectrum Industries

With headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI, Spectrum Industries provides functional and decorative finishes to a variety of components supplied to a number of OEM markets from its two operating divisions.

The E-Coat Division, founded in 1979, is one of the highest volume, high quality providers of electro-deposition epoxy coatings for a broad range of metal components for the automotive industry. From oil pans to seat frame components, this operation is applying a high corrosion protective coating to over 600,000 pieces per day.

The Decorative Finishes Division was originally opened in 1990 to provide water transfer coating capabilities to the office furniture and automotive industries. Today, it is the largest provider of hydrographic coating in North America offering designs from wood grains to technical patterns. Coupled with this technology, the Decorative Finishes Division also specializes in high luster paint finishes such as Piano Black, Anodized-look, and high gloss clear coats.

Each of Spectrum's divisions operate and are registered under TS16949 Quality Systems.


High Volume E-coating, Hydrographic Coatings, Base / Clear Paint Finishes