Founded in 1979, Spectrum E-Coat is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum Industries. Our 220,000 sq. ft. production facilities include state-of-the-art electrodeposition paint systems consisting of 11 stage zinc phosphate pretreatment and black cathodic epoxy. Our operations allow us to apply a high corrosion protective coating to an average of 550,000 parts daily. Our process is organic, lead free, HAPS free and RoHS compliant.

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Jay Bassett founded Bassett Tool and Die.
1968 Bassett Tool and Die
1978 700 Wealthy in Grand Rapids


Electro-deposition (E-Coat) equipment was installed at 700 Wealthy in Grand Rapids, MI to finish store fixtures and automotive components. The single system was modified into two systems, allowing cathodic epoxy and anodic acrylic to be run side-by-side while avoiding cross contamination.


The Wealthy Street manufacturing operation was sold to Crown Store Equipment for the sole purpose of manufacturing store shelving.

1982 – Spectrum was re-established at 522 Plymouth in Grand Rapids, MI and E-Coat equipment was installed to finish automotive components.

1981 Wealthy Street
1985 Jay Bassett


Spectrum purchased a competitor at 226 Crawford in Belding, MI and expanded its E-Coat Division.

1989 – Cubic equipment was installed at 522 Plymouth to decorate plastic parts and diversify Spectrum.

1991 – Spectrum purchased its original E-coat equipment back from Crown Store Equipment at 700 Wealthy.

1996 – Spectrum purchased 13 McConnell in Grand Rapids, MI.


Spectrum expanded its capacity in E-Coat and Decorative Finishes. We develop hydrographic robotic transfer and were the first global installation.

1997 – Founding Member of The Electrocoat Association

2001 – Spectrum purchased an E-coat operation in Atlanta, GA.

Spectrum Building 1998
1998 Magazine Spread


Founding Member of The Source

2004 – Formed joint venture with AAMC in Brownsville, TX to decorate steering wheels

2005 – 522 Plymouth closed due to excess capacity of both E-coat and Cubic equipment.

2006 – Atlanta, GA closed due to operational losses.

2008 – Belding, MI closed due to excess capacity of E-coat equipment.

2010 – Formed joint venture in Matamoros, Mexico with Grant Products.

2013 – Formed joint venture with Plastikon in Leitchfield, KY to add decorative finishes line to their existing injection molding operation.


Spectrum was re-established in Belding, MI due to more capacity being needed for E-Coat.

2015 – Decorative Finishes developed RAYN Technology to decorate parts and diversity Spectrum.

2016 – Purchased 5265 Kellogg Woods in Kentwood, MI as an off site warehouse.

2016 – S-Cubic equipment was installed at Decorative Finishes to decorate plastic parts and to diversify Spectrum. We were the first North American installation.

2022 – Formed Spectrum Automation Solutions and acquired majority ownership in Marked Tool Inc.

Truck Bay at Spectrum Industries

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