Terms and Conditions

Electrodeposition Terms and Conditions

  • Quotes are confidential; contents are not to be disclosed with any other company unless agreed to in writing, in advance, by Spectrum Industries.
  • The minimum invoice charge per part/lot is $250.00 or per agreement.
  • Spectrum Industries is not responsible for masking, unless quoted.
  • A minimum 3/16” diameter hang hole is required in all parts.
  • Pricing is based on parts being packed into stackable skid size containers, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Paint racks are designed and built through our proprietary knowledge and will remain property of Spectrum Industries.
  • Parts requiring custom masking or special rack design will start production a minimum of 3 weeks after order receipt, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • The customer is responsible for supplying current paint specifications.
  • Spectrum Industries is not responsible for paint adhesion on laser cut edges. If concerned, parts must be descaled prior to e-coat.
  • E-coat is a corrosion resistant coating; small visual imperfections such as drips, dirt, runs, etc., may be present. Information regarding acceptance criteria must be provided to Spectrum Industries on RFQ and/or in advance of production, then mutually agreed upon before the quote is firm.
  • When components are purchased for use on customer parts or packaging, a 60-day written notice before end of requirements is required. The customer is responsible for any remaining inventory costs.
  • Customer supplied tooling needs to be identified.
  • Quotations are subject to review if not accepted within 60 days of issue.
  • Product launch may involve paint rack lead time.
  • Product will be shipped based on customer order, not PPAP approval.
  • Quotes are based on customer supplied packaging materials, unless otherwise stated.
  • The customer is responsible for e-coat finish defects resulting from packaging design, packaging specification, and transportation/handling.
  • Upon acceptance of this quote, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide Spectrum’s Quote Manager written documentation of changes to P.O.’s, specifications or any other related documents.